What Our Yogis Are Saying



I started practicing yoga with Twisted Hot Yoga two years ago, with no prior yoga experience. It’s transformed my body and kept this 50some year old in great shape. Ginya and her staff are top notch; friendly, welcoming to those new and established in yoga practice and most importantly, well educated teachers. I alternate between Heat and Sweet Heat classes, with an occasional PUSH class added in. I highly recommend this yoga studio! -Kristin L.

Twisted Hot Yoga is a magical place, where all my fears and worries go to sleep. Every day, I’m greeted by warm friendly faces and I am not only challenged in my yoga practice, but encouraged to stay where I’m comfortable or leap to the unknown. The instructors at Twisted are one of a kind, and I enjoy each one of their classes! After a month of being here, I fell in love with the environment, atmosphere, and light that surrounds this yoga studio, that I signed up for a 12 month membership shortly after. I have finally found a type of fitness, that not only challenges me physically, but heals me spiritually. Thank you, Twisted Hot Yoga, for reminding me of who I am and who I still am bound to become. -Shelby M.

I have been doing hot yoga for 2 years now and feel great. I had hip replacement surgery in December and, because of hot yoga, I am back to 100% movement with no restrictions! Yoga has been the best PT I could have done! -Julie B.

I absolutely ADORE Twisted Hot Yoga! I started practicing yoga a few months ago for the very first time and had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, after my FIRST class at Twisted, I knew I had found something that I could really invest my time and energy into! Each instructor at the studio has made me feel extremely comfortable and excited to try new poses and challenge myself. I never thought I would look forward to consistent exercise UNTIL… I found myself on my very first mat surrounded by the amazing people at Twisted!! -Grace H.

I’ve been a member at Twisted Hot Yoga since a 30-day trial in 2014. It is, hands down, my favorite studio in Grand Rapids. The classes are never the same flow, often with fun and unique transitions between poses. My personal practice has grown by leaps and bounds since I started at Twisted, thanks to the creativity of the instructors, the freedom of time to “play” with poses during class, and Saturday workshops focusing on topics such as arm balances and inversions. Often, the instructors will stop the flow during class to go over the correct form for a pose, offering ways to make it a bit easier for beginners or more challenging for those looking to deepen their practice. Twisted is consistently looking for ways to make the studio even better than it already is, from tweaking the class schedule to creating new class formats. The cold lavender scented towel placed on my forehead during savasana at the end of class is a genius idea. Thanks to Ginya and the entire Twisted team for being so amazing! -Mindy N.

I think this place restored my faith in yoga humanity. No pretentious attitudes, an owner that works her own front desk and knows your name, bodies of all shapes and sizes.I appreciate this place so much. It’s the right size and the right amount of welcoming. The genius behind the lavender towel at the end deserves a Nobel Peace prize for improving mental health city wide. Get your bootie to a mat here you won’t be sorry. Namaste already. -Adrienne W.

I’ve tried a few studios in Grand Rapids and this has been the BEST! All of the instructors are welcoming and create a space that meets you where you’re at. Ginya, the owner, is absolutely amazing and it’s clear her passion for yoga AND people have manifested in this studio! They also have amazing prices and deals throughout the year! Highly recommend! -Chrissy H.

Twisted Hot Yoga is amazing! Ginya, the owner, and all of the instructors make a personal effort to get to know every person that comes to the studio. The culture is so welcoming! It’s obvious that they love what they do and want to help deepen the practice of each and every yogi, no matter their intention. I would recommend Twisted Hot Yoga to everyone! -Sarah P .

I used to go to another hot yoga place in town, but it wasn’t always the best experience…crowded classes, fighting for parking, struggling to keep up with poses. Eventually I quit, but have always wanted to return. Then, a friend told me about TY. I am in love! Everything from my initial welcome, the cork floor, the slower-paced poses WITH instructions, ample parking….you have a new member for life! I love Twisted Yoga! -Robin M.

I love the environment and the instructors. Amazing! Highly recommend for anyone, beginner or for someone who wants to deepen their practice. -Erin I.

At first I was hesitant to try yoga, but after only one class here I was completely hooked!! It’s amazing and I would recommend Twisted Hot Yoga to everyone!! -Paula L.

Hi, I don’t usually do reviews but I love twisted hot yoga’s studio and I am pleased to do one. I am a local chiropractor and very concerned about safety and the first thing I noticed is that all the instructors are very well trained, friendly, and VERY good at what they do. I have been to other hot yoga studios and this is by far the best. If you are interested in hot yoga definitely go for Twisted because you will love it! -Sean M.

I’ve been going to the Hump Day Happy Hour classes and really enjoy them…so much so, that I’ve had three other people join me from work (and they’re repeaters now as well). I love the atmosphere, the instructor, and let’s not forget how amazing the lavender scented cold towel at the end of each class is! I absolutely recommend this studio if your looking to add hot yoga into your life…you won’t be disappointed (by the yoga or the studio)! -Jill T.

I love this place. It is easy to get to and there is plenty of well-lit parking. The space is immaculate and has a very calming atmosphere. Staff are very professional and welcoming to all levels. I appreciate the smaller class size and thorough instruction. All the instructors I have encountered here seem to really care about students’ experience overall. Also, I can’t say enough good things about the cold lavender towel on the forehead at the end! It is a simple touch that makes the experience even more enjoyable. I know a lot of people are intimidated by hot yoga. Don’t be scared! It is awesome. If you are curious at all and just want to check it out, Twisted Yoga is a great place to get started. -Holly S.

It’s been awhile since I was able to get to a Hot Yoga class & I was long overdue. Tonight was my first night at Twisted and I loved it! I was greeted warmly, I wasn’t stumbling over people and things to get in the door, the class was intense in a great way but didn’t feel rushed…all very good things for me! I was able to refocus on my practice. The lavender cooling towels at the end were an amazing and very relaxing surprise. I will be signing up for another class before the weekend! -Jen K.

This is the best hot yoga studio in Grand Rapids. The instructors are welcoming and offer assistance to ensure that you are in the yoga pose correctly. -Jennifer U.

This place was phenomenal!! The staff was so welcoming. I was a little nervous because I haven’t done yoga in so long, but they were very open to all levels of yoga doers! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! -Erin J.

Amazing Hot Yoga Studio. Many great instructors. I love it there. Challenging yet very instructional. -Cyndi L.

The absolute best! The staff here is absolutely incredible, the entire Staff makes an effort to know you on a genuinely personal level, the space is clean and calming, and they have fantastic products to enhance your overall experience. I am so happy that I have found my “Yoga Home,” and can’t wait for my next class!! -Marion M.

Twisted Hot Yoga is the best! Ginya has done such a great job making the studio fun and welcoming for everyone! All the teachers at the studio are excellent and really care about their students. Not that I play favorites, but if I had to choose I’d go to Amanda Smith or Jamie’s classes! They both love what they do and it shows in each one of their classes. I started coming here over a year ago and I am so grateful I did! If you’ve never been you’re missing out! -Cassie D.

Twisted Hot Yoga is just the best hot yoga studio around! The instructors are so knowledgeable and creative with their flows. It’s never the same! The atmosphere of the studio is friendly and welcoming. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you feel no completion or judgement. AnneMarie R.

I have been to other yoga studios in the past, and this is the one place where I feel at home! I think it is awesome how Ginya (the owner) greets all the yogis and is very involved with her business. It is the kind of place where I love to spend my time after work/class relaxing yet getting a great workout! Sarah H.

Best Yoga Studio in Grand Rapids!! I love the people here. There are many different instructors who are all amazing and keep things fresh. From my first class I fell in love with this place. It is a very comfortable environment and the prices are very reasonable. Kylie R.

I love Twisted! I try to go as often as possible with their wide range of class times and awesome instructors. There is always a little extra space to move in class as well which I am definitely a fan of. I suggest this place to everyone! Hanna H.

I’ve been coming to Twisted for about a year and a half and wish I would have found it sooner! Since the first class, I’ve felt at home and welcomed. I also tried another studio and the atmosphere was a bit too “intense.” Ginya and her team are amazing! -Ashley E.

I know how some activities/workouts can become stale. However, I never have to drag myself to a class at Twisted. As a member for nearly 3 years, I continue to be drawn to Twisted and the knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring instructors that encourage you to “…find your edge,” AND listen to the cues that your body is sending. What a wonderful blend of the best of everything. Thank you! -Anna V.