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Jamie and Cindy have each been practicing for over 15 years and have thousands of hours of yoga teaching experience. This life-changing Yoga Alliance affiliated training is great for those hoping to start a career teaching yoga as well as those hoping to deepen their practice. You’ll graduate with a deeper knowledge of the philosophy and physical practice of yoga and you’ll be fully prepared to teach, if that’s what you desire. This 200-hour certification will qualify you to apply as an instructor anywhere. While we do not guarantee employment post-graduation, we do hire strong instructors from our training program.

Here’s what to expect:

• Vinyasa focused training, but also exposing trainees to: restorative and yin yoga, pranayama, meditation and teaching yoga to specialized populations.

• Yoga history and philosophy

• Alignment and sequencing

• Ayurveda and self-care practices

• Finding your voice and mission as a teacher

Tuition is $2,700. Save $300 by paying in full no later than 6 weeks before training begins. Payment plans are available and consist of 4 equal payments of $675. (1st payment due at registration) If you prefer a different payment plan, we can set that up, but you must be paid in full by graduation. Unlimited Twisted Membership during your training is included in tuition. For more information, please Contact Ginya..

Class is in session.


Our Fall 2017 Teacher Training session will run September 9-December 16.
Classes will be scheduled on Saturdays 11:30am-7:30pm and Sundays 11:30am-4pm and you’ll have Thanksgiving weekend off.

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Teacher Training Testimonials

“I’ve deepened my practice and learned so much more about myself than I thought I would. It’s been awesome to do so much yoga and it has sparked a yoga fire in me that I’m definitely going to keep going. I’ve learned to care for myself so much and I honestly have never felt better. Can’t wait to share this with others.”

“I don’t think I could have enjoyed this program any more than I did. I’m so thankful I found it and that it was led by two very talented and inspirational women. I learned more than I ever thought I would and I know it’s changed me forever in a positive way.”

“I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to learn so much from the two most inspirational yoga teachers. Thank you for everything.”

“I really enjoyed the training program and I learned so much, I just want to keep going!”

“I really appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, of course it was serious when it need to be but in a fun and inclusive way.”